Essentials of Dog Training

Owning a dog sounds like fun. But wait until you get to the part where you have to train it. There are a lot of responsibilities associated with owning a dog. You have always clean after it and take care of washing and feeding him. It is no easy task training a dog good behaviors and obedience. Nevertheless, after your dog has integrated all the training, you will be happy to have decided to train him. Also, the dog gets to respect you and you form a bond that is unbreakable. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend.

The first thing that you have to put in check is the dog’s obedience. The training would never push through if the dog does not follow your commands simply because it does not obey you. You have to establish good communication. Ensure your dog can understand you absolutely well without any sort of punishment. Simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ ought to be your first basic commands. Establish dominance so the dog recognizes you as the head. The rest of the training will be easy once you have taught your dog how to obey you.

Training your dog gives you dominance and you can be able to control your dog from certain bad behaviors. Many people believe that the behavior of the dog is the responsibility of the owner. Teach your dog how to conduct itself during meals, on the streets, when playing, in public places, at home, etc. Some behaviors like barking to visitors, growling, whining, chewing, and digging can be put to bed. Teach the dog where to relieve itself too.

Dog training levels differ. Just like the way a baby cannot walk when its born, training is the same for dogs. You need to teach the dog small simple commands first before you can teach advanced commands, all the while observing h behavior of the dog.

Training the dog at an early age is the most preferred option. Puppies are preferred if the training is much physical as they are young and flexible. However, all dogs canfg be trained on obedience and behavior at any age.

Patience and persistence are key qualities in any Austin dog trainer. Do not expect that your dog will get everything on the first go.

It is important to have a system in place for rewarding your dog accordingly. A plan like this ensures that your dog does more in anticipation of a reward. For instance, give a treat when the dog does something good. Do not offer the dog any reward if it misbehaves and this can act as a punishment. This will motivate the dog to be on your best side. To know more, check out dog trainer Austin.


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